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Tyson MankerI’m proud to say that we live in the greatest country on Earth. Thanks to the Constitution and its enduring principles, We the People enjoy freedoms unknown in many parts of the world. However, right now in America there is a serious lack of honest leadership in Government at all levels.

Both nationally and locally, we live under a double standard of justice in which government officials play by a different set of rules than everyone else. Everyone knows it. In Illinois unethical politicians and bureaucrats break the law without fear, because they know their political connections will protect them from prosecution. From South Jacksonville to Chicago, machine-style politics is the rule, not the exception.

Meanwhile, citizens who don’t get special treatment are almost always prosecuted more aggressively than their elected counterparts. Such fundamental unfairness in our political justice system has caused a greater distrust of Government and an increased apathy in its processes, both of which lead to further lawlessness. In more ways than one, a lack of leadership lies at the heart of all social problems.

That is why I am running for State’s Attorney. Because I will lead by example and work hard to restore your trust in our criminal justice system here in Morgan County. It is important for law-abiding citizens to know that government officials who break the law will be held to the same standard as everyone else. To that end, I pledge my commitment to Equal Justice Under the Law.

In addition, the law must be enforced firmly and fairly but with humanity.  Prosecutors tasked with protecting the community and achieving justice have no business worrying about their conviction rates. It is wrong and immoral to consider political calculations when someone faces criminal prosecution by the state. Those who break the law should be punished according to the severity of their crimes, even if they work for the Government. True justice requires careful consideration of the unique facts and circumstances of each case, and if elected that is exactly what I will do.


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